“My kid has been taking piano lessons for two years. She was at a level where I think more challenge is needed. I was referred to Ms. Anna Hanh Pham from OCMC by her previous piano school for more advanced piano training. I was very impressed with Ms. Anna Hanh Pham’s music education and training background. Her teaching is very structured with techniques, music theory, scales practice, ear training etc. covered in each session. Within a few weeks of piano lessons from Ms. Anna Hanh, I can see a big improvement in my kid’s piano skills. This inspires my kid to love piano more since now that she can pick up new and more difficult songs quicker and better. My kid thinks Ms. Anna Hanh is a great piano teacher and she can learn a lot from her. Besides having a well-trained staff, OCMC also offers frequent recitals and training for CM exams. I am looking forward to many years of piano training for my kid with Ms. Anna Hanh.”