I started learning piano a couple of years ago to basically keep my mind crisp and sharp as I age. As I learned to play I fell in love with playing more and more. My first teacher was really nice and I learned a lot, but I lacked in certain fundamentals of playing. I really saw that once I started coming here. It’s not just about playing the notes as they’re written on the page, it’s about PLAYING the notes as they’re written on the page, playing them with feeling, playing them with emotion, playing them so someone listening can feel the sound you’re trying to achieve, not just hear the sound. That’s the thing about classical music and music in general. It can be played, but when you really start to play it, that’s when you feel the difference instead of just hearing it. I’m constantly trying to improve my playing so that I can feel the music I’m playing, instead of just hearing it. Miss Anna has really helped me understand this much more so, than I had before. She emphasizes the way I play the songs, the way I move my fingers on the keys, the way I play the music with expression. I feel that I’m getting a better understanding of playing the piano opposed to just understanding how to play a piano. I would highly recommend the OCMC if you’re interested in really embracing the art of playing an instrument.