“This is an outstanding school. My grandson, Nam Nguyen has been attending this school for some time and he will soon be joined by his sister. His progress has been amazing. The teachers are great and so is the environment of the school.”

Volker Thorey

5 Stars, April 25, 2018

Anna is awesome! Enthusiastic and passionate about teaching music. The school is fully equipped with plenty of pianos for students to practice, Anna is very flexible with the scheduling and her teaching technique is very good, I always enjoy the piano lessons with her. Thank you very much Anna !

Catherine Low

My younger cousins that I would take them there loved it. The staff is patient with them. There are a bunch of instruments to take lessons and do private lessons. Students could perform recitals, which it is a plus to build up confidence and skills. There are plenty of shops and parking spaces to go around.

Ken Nguyen

My kids have been taking piano lessons from Miss Anna and Miss Cynthia for several years already. The teachers love what they do and they’re very good at it. My kids play well now. I always love to play the piano but didn’t have a chance when I was younger. So I began taking piano lessons with Miss Anna since April along with my kids.  I have to say, Miss Anna has been very patient with me. I recommend OC Music Conservatory to everyone that has been thinking about taking music lessons or for their kids.

Darlene Tran

“My 6-year-old son has been studying with Miss Anna for 4 months and is already making great strides, it is amazing. Her approach is accelerated and hands on. The comprehension time is so much quicker than any piano teacher I have seen. This cute little school is such a gem!”

Jenny W.

“I really enjoy being in your piano class and want to congratulate you for being our new principal! 😀 😀 😀 :D”

Casey Vo

“Ms. Pham is a passionate professional succeeding on her mission to effectively teach her music students.
Her OC Music Conservatory is conveniently located near Mile Square Park and is a very nice environment in which to learn. I highly recommend Ms. Pham and her conservatory as your music learning resource!”

Ramn G.

“Anna is a very passionate and talented teacher and musician. After attending a recent recital, I was very impressed with how well her students play and with how she interacts and teaches them. My daughter is too young for lessons currently, but I am looking forward to the day when Anna can become her teacher.”

Chelsea S.

“Anna is not only a very talented musician, she is also an accomplished music teacher. Her knowledge and skills are complimented by her ability to engage and connect with the student at all levels. I’ve enjoyed working with her on a business level, and the integrity she brings to her craft.”

Eduardo H.

I started learning piano a couple of years ago to basically keep my mind crisp and sharp as I age. As I learned to play I fell in love with playing more and more. My first teacher was really nice and I learned a lot, but I lacked in certain fundamentals of playing. I really saw that once I started coming here. It’s not just about playing the notes as they’re written on the page, it’s about PLAYING the notes as they’re written on the page, playing them with feeling, playing them with emotion, playing them so someone listening can feel the sound you’re trying to achieve, not just hear the sound. That’s the thing about classical music and music in general. It can be played, but when you really start to play it, that’s when you feel the difference instead of just hearing it. I’m constantly trying to improve my playing so that I can feel the music I’m playing, instead of just hearing it. Miss Anna has really helped me understand this much more so, than I had before. She emphasizes the way I play the songs, the way I move my fingers on the keys, the way I play the music with expression. I feel that I’m getting a better understanding of playing the piano opposed to just understanding how to play a piano. I would highly recommend the OCMC if you’re interested in really embracing the art of playing an instrument.

Alex Vaz

“Being in Peter’s class is very fun and I am very happy to go to this music school.”

Michael Vo

My daughter has been taking piano lessons here for almost 2 years now. The place offers private lessons for many instruments on weekdays and weekends. The teachers are friendly and are very skilled and experienced in what they do. In addition, they have a computer lab where you can work on your theory, and they have an electronic piano where you can practice pieces. Plus, two times a year, there are recitals where students of all experience and instruments can come and perform.Would highly recommend to everyone.

Lan Hue

“My kid has been taking piano lessons for two years. She was at a level where I think more challenge is needed. I was referred to Ms. Anna Hanh Pham from OCMC by her previous piano school for more advanced piano training. I was very impressed with Ms. Anna Hanh Pham’s music education and training background. Her teaching is very structured with techniques, music theory, scales practice, ear training etc. covered in each session. Within a few weeks of piano lessons from Ms. Anna Hanh, I can see a big improvement in my kid’s piano skills. This inspires my kid to love piano more since now that she can pick up new and more difficult songs quicker and better. My kid thinks Ms. Anna Hanh is a great piano teacher and she can learn a lot from her. Besides having a well-trained staff, OCMC also offers frequent recitals and training for CM exams. I am looking forward to many years of piano training for my kid with Ms. Anna Hanh.”

Anh Nguyen

After years of hard work and perseverance my daughter is now a proud CM “graduate”. We have reached our goal to complete the CM advanced level 10 by 10th grade. This major milestone cannot be achieved without the dedication, motivation, talents, and wonderful guidance from Ms. Anna Pham. I highly recommend students to participate in the CM program with Ms. Anna. It is a great tool to build a solid music foundation in both theory and performance. The benefits do not limit to developing musical talents but also helping students with self-discipline and perseverance. Our journey does not end here. Ms. Anna already planned out the future goals for my daughter. I am so excited and looking forward to the next milestones.

Anh Nguyen

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